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Righteously Rogue

Carlos Ghosn is your seat belt on?

Coming Soon - VINDICATION for the whistleblower
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The definition of righteous:    
Morally upright; without guilt or sin: 
a righteous parishioner.
2. In accordance with virtue or morality: 
a righteous judgment.
3. Morally justifiable: 
righteous anger.  

Sharyn Bovat is fighting for human decency & respect for the American taxpayer dollar. Her battle is withNISSANthe State of Tennessee, & unethical people that have endured lives of profits and promotions from helping to "cover-up" the REAL story of Pan Am flight 103.

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Fraud is Real!!!





I was told that 
once I can "clearly" communicate how Carlos Ghosn is connected to a CIA/MIC clique that's linked to Ahmed Chalabi who was paid over 350k a month by the CIA & gave "bad intel" used to go to the Iraq war.  Once I clearly connect the dots Congress will "get" why no more taxpayer money can go to NISSAN a company that with Renault owns Autovaz (Putin's car company) 

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