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Righteously Rogue

Bovat's Battle

A text conversation between NISSAN Whistleblower Sharyn Bovat & Mark Silverman the editor of the Gannett owned Tennessean, he's a Ben Bradlee award winner and a Pulitzer prize nominee. 

“Oliver North told me to be loyal to my country and to whom I worked for. The problem was at the time I did NOT know who I worked for…”
Sharyn Bovat


This French guy Dominique Thormann asked Congress for OVER 1 Billion American taxpayer dollars to build an electric car, he forgot to tell congress that NISSAN was planning on using battery technology from the 90's. 

NISSAN North America Mr. Thormann was an SVP & led a group of pampered executives
that wasted American taxpayer money and were organizing a Ponzi type scheme using the taxpayer money allocated for production of the electric car.   The chairman of the company Carlos Ghosn had always belittled the EV BUT something "changed his mind"  ???  was it the FREE taxpayer money.      

Sharyn Bovat was the international relocation consultant used for high level executives moving to Tennessee In 2008 when she was asked to find a spa for "oxygen facials" at taxpayer expense she started to document the wasteful spending of American taxpayer money.  

In the winter of 2009 Sharyn was asked to manage the relocation of Carlos Tavares the 1st EVP & NISSAN Board member to move to America.  

His nickname is "Little Carlos" and he's considered the "heir" to "Big Carlos".

NISSAN is considered by many to be a "holding company" of Renault a firm that's majority owner is The French state

While Bovat was working with Mr. Tavares NISSAN North American HQ e
mployees who knew she had "the ear" of Mr. Tavares used her as a conduit to the high level leader.  

When she communicated problems about a Good Ole Boy network and cultural problems associated with  the  "who knows who society" in Tennessee Sharyn Bovat's life became difficult.  She emailed Mr. Tavares in spring 2009 about death threats she had received. 

At NISSAN Sharyn was called into 4 meetings with HR.  

During those meetings HR  leaders working for the Global HR leader Greg Kelly a man that runs Carlos Ghosn office in Japan offered Bovat money to be silent  

She was also told on the executive floor
“at NISSAN Skirts Don’t Speak”

(After NISSAN moved it's HQ to Tennessee women in management declined from 20.9% to 10%)

Maybe HR should have checked Sharyn's references?

Those words triggered flashbacks to the Cold War and the exposure to high levels of corruption, intimidation & arrogance at NISSAN motivated Sharyn to start "a battle of human decency" and using her past life experiences she spoke up even louder and told Carlos Tavares about  more problems and did LOTS of research.   

On June 4th 2009 (Sharyn's 44th birthday) she started a blog called as a tool to expose the Good Ole Boy network and bad spending of taxpayer money.

On July 9th Sharyn put on her blog that Dominique Thormann was a bad spender of American taxpayer money and that he asked congress for OVER 1 Billion dollars.    The next day NISSAN issued a press release saying that Mr. Thormann was going back to Renault in Paris to an "unknown" position. 

This is a satilite photo of viewers of her blog in March 2010.

Lots of people gave Bovat tips; Information she received showed the lack of respect for the employees at NISSAN

Sharyn learned that a project she was told about in spring 2009 that would be "a failed Obama program" and
"Haley Barbour's ticket to the White House" was going to cost the American taxpayers billions of dollars. 

The Tennessee governors office was involved and so called "green" companies were funded with DOE grants

A year later to Sharyn's dismay Carlos Ghosn promoted teh ousted NISSAN SVP as CFO of Renault.   

Then in January 2011  "spy scandal" emerged at Renault and someone approved hundreds of thousands of Euros to "make that happen".   

For 8 years Sharyn Bovat was a low level Cold War research worker (a friendly fixture).   Being told she was visually plain and she could “fit in” Sharyn was able to fly below the radar and find out ???  Why.  
After the Wall fell became a political opposition research worker.  

Bovat was connected to operatives linked to Sal Russo and Karl Rove. 

Sharyn Bovat fought for freedom in Russia & learned about "greed" in the Middle East.  

Oddly in 1992 Sharyn "researched" those that today are connected to Carlos Ghosn.   

People connected to Ronald Reagan moderates sent Sharyn to the 1992 RNC convention to "check out" a group of people from Texas & Mississippi.   A man hoping to become the next RNC chairman figured out she was not the Rush Limbaugh loving bible banger that she was pretending to be.  

In 2010 Sharyn learned that the Brazilian born-Lebanese- French Businessman was "sleeping" figuratively with the Clintons and Haley Barbour of the Republican Good Ole Boy Elite didn't surprise Sharyn.

copies of Sharyn Bovat's RNC credentials showing she had access ALL areas


For over a 2 years people associated with Carlos Ghosn tried to discredit Sharyn and they've  taken away her Constitutional Rights.   3 times she's been tossed in jail on "trumped up" charges.  

In Tennessee
Six police cars were called to haul an unarmed relocation consultant to jail with NO court  order,

A warrant was "sworn out" by a man in the Good Ole Boy network that Sharyn Bovat had documented bullying and harassing her for years.    

Over a year of court appearances and the local media that's Gannett owned ignores Bovat's situation.    ??? WHY

After meeting the editor of the Tennessean Mark Silverman in January 2011 an intimate 
relationship was started.  

FYI - She did not see his wedding ring until she watched him receive the Ben Bradlee Award on C-Span.   

In March he promised her (in writing) that he'd have his
investigative reporters "pull documents"  but in late May 2011 Sharyn learned that he was just placating her.  

In an act of desperation Sharyn went public with their friendship and started a blog called: & forwarded the link to hundreds of reporters and members of Gannett (USA Today) management. 

Mark used to be the News Editor for the USA Today and was the top guy in Detroit for alomst a decade.   

After the website creation she then sent the Ben Bradlee winner Pulitzer prize nominee an email saying that the NEXT time he wants to get involved with a woman that's suffering from harassment of a Good Ole Boy network & fighting "trumped up" charges in the Tennessee courts & tells him that she USED to work for operatives connected to Karl Rove he should   "think twice"  

Taking that advice to heart today Mark and Sharyn are "just friends"

???  Guess WHO Bovat wants to write her book.   

YES!!!  The man that has ignored her situation.  

???  Why does he not cover her story. 

Sharyn Bovat KNOWS it's politics. and that his paper is biased saying that "Mark Silverman is just doing his job and that's OK.  Politics is something that I GET"  adding
"Basically my whistle blowing proved fraud that is associated with President Obama's 'pet project' and because congress will soon consider a bill that would give an additional 3 billion dollars to the EV & some to NISSAN my story will not be told by liberal media outlets; my hope is that Rupert Murdoch gets his reputation back and my story can be told in a fair and balanced way"

President Obama's DOE has funded Electric Car Chargers that ONLY work on Japanese cars with federal grants.   

The liberal media IGNORES it

Even more MPORTANT is the issue that Renault does business with IRAN and my hope is the White House "figures out" that giving DOE money to American companies that won't forward new technology resourses to people that are trying to KILL us (Iran) is not in the best interest of our troop overseas.  Also giving money to companies that do business in Iran helps their economy and NOT ours.

The Battle for Human Decency Continues:

The woman that was told Skirts Don't Speak keeps speaking and her blog has had over 1,500,000 hits and has been read by people in over 80 countries.  

The internet has allowed for exposure of a global corporate internal battle of control, fraud in reference to the electric car, political cronyism, and recently issues were revealed about the “cover up” of the crash of Pan Am flight 103. 

Stay tuned the "drama" continues.......









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